Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Maybe I AM living in Fantasy land!

Randi asked me out on a date! Yes, Hot-but-Mathgeek asked me out tonight! *dies with shock*
He said Iron Man 3 opens on Friday, and maybe we should go see it!???!!??????

Wow, am I like excited?
Why, yes, yes I am!

Randi's smart, hot and he's turned out to be a really nice guy (with a lot of patience when it comes to getting that algebra crap to stick in my brain!). Better yet, he's just turned 18 last week (I felt kind of bad I didn't know and gave him a card I made this week). I wonder if the card is what made him ask? So he's 18 and he's got a car--so no bussing it to the movie!
Plus, well, you know, he might just kiss me too!

Ok, now I'm sure I sound like a total dolt.
I'm going to try to focus on something else for a while! Yay! Go me!