Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Iskara: Ambassador from Darkmoors

Get that, sounds good, right?
Jeff emailed me some info last night with more info about what the sessions'll be about. I'm psyched since Iskara gets to be someone important this time in the scheme of things (must be all that secret spying and dealing I was doing, eh? hehe!) of course last time I was the junior ambassador, and since then I got a promotion (and Briana died mwhaha)

So I've been chosen to represent the Principality of Darkmoor to the court of Yovaak the Red. I'm supposed to be on a mission about trade agreements, and stuff but really, Iskara is supposed to meet one of her spy informants, and even better yet, arrange for the assassination of Yovanak and his heir. Get that! Cool, right? It's been left up to me if I'm going to try to do it myself, or if I'm going to try to use some of my agents. Coolness, right?

Well I need to get a move on in the sewing department. I Made a new pair of pirate-pants & a tunic, but I haven't even started the dress (ok Jean and I think we've worked out a pattern for it, but I still have to sit down at the machine and piece it together--and well, Math, and Randi kind of cut into my sewing time. But I'm promising to buckle down---maybe I can get it done by the end of next week?
Anyway, this is roughly the dress I'm trying to make (with fixes for my chest--I gotta make it so I can definitely wear my bras under it since I can't make a corset).
Just pretend the boobs are bigger and that's what it'll hopefully look like (well, except of course, it'll be blue and the belt is silver and all around the hemline is trim, and the buttons are silver too.) It's a bit ambitious for me, but why not?

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