Saturday, May 25, 2013

Wild night

Where do I begin?

Oh, maaaan. Where do I begin?
The beginning? Yea, ok.
I didn't get home until about 5am. I'm going to be in a world of trouble if Jean didn't cover for me last night. I really hope she did.I'll find out when I go down to breakfast...later.

Things didn't go quite as I'd planned last night.
First of all, Randi and I skipped Denny's. We decided to just go to the park and hang out. It was really nice and we just talked. He listened to me ranting about the crap Shay's pulled. At least he understands why I'm so bothered. Although he did say I ought to look at it as an opportunity. It's a good school he says. *shrug *
I guess. I'd feel better about that if I'd been the one making the decision.

So last night, we were hanging out in the park. We walked around for a while, looked at the stars and stuff. That was romantic. It was probably about 10:30 and Randi said he'd better get me home. I kissed him instead. And things kind of went from there. I know what you're thinking--but you're wrong. I didn't have sex with him! I just...we just sort of cuddled. and a bit more.
Would I have had sex with him? Yea, if there'd been someplace other than the car. But he couldn't take me back to his parents, and I couldn't take him back to Jean's and I didn't want to do it in the bushes.
But it was really nice anyway. Maybe even nicer because we didn't. I told him to think about it, and that I'd like him to be my first. But I want a proper bed so he'll need to figure that out.
Ha ha. He can figure that out while I try to pass my finals next month, avoid Josie & co, Shay and all the rest of the nastiness in my life.

Did I mention that he really, really knows how to use his hands?
I bet Jean is gonna wake me up as soon as she gets up to find out what happened! LOL

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