Friday, May 3, 2013

Iron Hard....and Groping

Soooo. Randi picked me up tonight and we went over to Cinema 12 to catch Iron Man 3.
I was totally excited and trying not to be. Partly because well, Robert Downey JR is hot (even for an old guy!), partly because my date is hot, and hello, I thought--I'm holding the winning ticket! I didn't think it could get better than that, I really didn't.

About the movie...I'm not sure how much I can comment on. It rocked, and I definitely want to see it again (it was even nicer since Randi paid for it and I didn't have to--although I guess I actually did pay for it since I bet he's using the money he gets for tutoring me. Huh. Is that ethical?)

Ok, and at what point to I admit to being more interested in the movie, than in what Randi's arms/hands were doing?  I know he's hot, and I assume he knows it too, but we're watching a movie. Like, a movie that was actually interesting AND funny, and every couple of minutes his hands were on my shoulders, or my neck or playing with my hair.

Errr.... Not to be rude, but it was a gooood movie.
I dunno. The opening. I mean, if he was just taking me there to try to make out with me we could have gone another night, one that you know---wasn't packed to overflowing with people? I think the guy sitting next to me was getting irritated by how often I kept shifting in my seat. It wasn't really the romantic sort of place you want to try to get your kiss, you know? Maybe it is if you're an exhibitionist, but I'm not, so it wasn't working for me.

So at about the point that pepper potts was getting thrown across the room Randi leaned in and started kissing my neck. Um...........Um. Um, what?
Fair's fair that OMG it felt good. Ok? I can admit that. (again, I'm not liking the audience being able to see me better than the freakin movie) but at the same time I really just wanted to push him away and smack him. I really, really wanted to see the movie...
On the other hand, I did want to get kissed.
I guess I wanted my cake and the chance to eat it too?

Whatever.  We're leaving the movie & heading for his car. He's got a little Nissan, and I wouldn't mind having one like it (yea, right. Shay won't let me have a part time job, she sure as hell won't let me get a car!)

So we're in the car and he turns to me and says, "So what now?"
I think I looked like a dork because I was assuming he was talking about the kissing and stuff. So I shrugged a bit and gave him a smile. Now that we were out of the public eye I didn't mind getting kissed.  Instead, he says: "Do you want to go right home, or wanna grab something from Denny's?"
Um. Neither. I wanted the dork to kiss me.
It didn't happen.

So I said Denny's was fine (who can resist a place that serves pancakes 24-7?) and off we went. It wasn't really that bad, or as awkward as I expected, since we sat and pretty much talked about the film. I'm honestly surprised how much he caught of it, considering that he was gnawing on my neck for a lot of it! Who can understand the way guys function? Sure as hell not me!

It turned out ok after all though, since we laughed a lot and joked. He dropped me off, and yes, we actually kissed in the car. Very nice, considering, even if it wasn't particularly romantic or anything.

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