Sunday, May 26, 2013


Despite all my worries and everything else I had a really great time last night!

Trin ran Champions for us and it was good. It was us (The Metro Avengers) up against some evil minions. We kicked ass although Volt (my electrical powered girl) got her ass kicked too. Something about being grounded. I can't say that I was tracking everything through the night since I was still pretty tired, but hey, coca cola, little debbie snack cakes, and dominos pizza go a loooooooooong way!

I think we should try to play champions more often maybe switching off from AD&D every couple weeks. I think it might be better. It's kind of more light hearted than the current campaign we're on. Maybe I ought to mention it next week and see what everyone else thinks.
I'm going downstairs now, going to have some cereal and then I'm going back to bed for as long as I can.

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