Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Why fix it if it's not broken? AKA My sister-- ruler of my life :(

Wtf is my sister trying to do to my life? What!???
So she came into town on Monday and met me at school. I still wasn't clear on why exactly she was there. I didn't actually find out until Tuesday when I was in the office with Mr.Andrews and her. Then it came out. She'd been deciding what to do with me / deciding how I should live my life.

Essentially, she'd applied earlier in the year for me to be able to skip a grade. I feel really, really, no--utterly---retarded. I don't know why I didn't see it sooner.
With the exception of Algebra II all of the classes I'm taking are at AP level.
Stupid, Stuuuuuuuuupid. Increeeeeeeeeeeeedibly Stuuuuuuuuuuuuupid!

It's horrible.
And they aren't even listening to what I have to say. Wtf? Why even have me there in the first place if they're going to ignore me anyway?
This is so wrong! My sister, the college professor is schmoozing her way and blergh! Double Blergh!

Jean suggested that I could throw the tests (I have to take some kind of tests on friday) but I think it wouldnt matter. Shay's obviously determined about this, so I might as well lump it. I'd like to know how she managed to square it with her job. I mean, I'm a good student (now that my 3.89 is a few points closer to 4.0 thanks to Randi's tutoring) but I'm not exactly Ivy league material. And I'm only a junior. Early admission to Universities should be hard, right?

So what's she done?
How's she managed to get them to consider me at least? She wouldn't tell me other than to say that come August I'd have to go with her to Quinlan for a final interview. If that works out I'll start then, if not then I get shoved into some local High school there, in New Hampshire. WTF? Can't I even have my senior year at Rochester? I've been here for all 3 years so far. It isn't fair.
I so totally hate her!

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