Monday, February 18, 2013

Catching up

Got studyhall this morning so I'm making use of the wi-fi. I'm eating some french toast sticks & hashbrowns  from Happy Burger. Definitely Yummy even if it is all like 100% artificial! :P I have enough change to buy a frosty shake after classes and I think I'd better. I'm going to need it.

So like I predicted, the whole Valentines Day thing was lame.
The dance was horrible (I can't believe some of the dresses girls squeezed themselves into, or what some of them were doing in the tunnel between the Gym & the main HS campus. Eeeew.) I stayed for about an hour and a half but I ran into Gina and her "gang" and decided I'd find someplace else to be. Last thing I need is her making good that threat about holding me down for Kevin and Scott. Jean wasn't bothered about me leaving (since she was going to go out with Derek--they gave me a lift back to the house). Which is good. She's like my best friend and I really don't want to piss her off if I can help it.

My sister Shay is coming up to visit this weekend.*trying to contain my total lack of enthusiasm*
She's supposed to get here on Sat...Not staying with Jean's family, oh no. She's staying at one of the B&B's on the outskirts of the city. Good. If I can limit the number of times i have to wake up and see/talk to her the better.

Just thinking about seeing her (and having to spend the whole weekend with her) makes me cringe. And I just want to eat. I bet she's not going to let up about the weight I've gained since x-mas either. ugh. I mean, hello, does it matter in the long run how much I weigh?!! I want to be a writer--not an actress, or a newscaster or a model or anything that requires me to go out in public. Why can't she just let it be? Mom & dad never rode me about what I ate (or how much) so why she feels the right to do it is really -- ugh. See what I mean about she just jets my guts in a knot???

I probably won't be able to post over the weekend (at least not until sometime Sunday) since Shay will be around and she's too nosy for words. Besides she said on the phone she had some stuff to talk about and I guess I'll need to pay attention. Maybe she's heard something about where our parents are.....but I doubt it.