Sunday, April 28, 2013

Wish I lived in fantasy land!

Last night (tonight/this morning?) gaming session was awesome.Fantabulously so!
Larry did a great job and wow.
I just can't get over how tense it was. He'd gone out of the way to get some mood music and set the lights low in the basement. It was creepy, cold (thanks to the AC) and spooky. Jean managed to wrack up some major pointage (who says girls can't play dirty, huh?) and I think by next session or two she'll be up a level. No so for my character, but that's ok. I'm still on a buzz, it was great. Plus we had major snack-age. Yum! And after Trin, Jean, Jeff, Wendy and I all went to Perkins for coffee. It was way late when we finished, but Wendy was talking about how her classes are (she's at RIT doing scary computer tech shit) and Trin was talking about how the Dungeon and how it'd be cool if with all the new/old 3-d tech they did a D&D type movie with it. Like the superhero movies that are coming out, but you know, with dragons and wizards. I'd definitely go and see it (well, as long as it was better than some of the crap fantasy movies that came out in the past, anyway).
Nights like this totally make up for the nights I have to spend studying algebra and crap.

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