Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sewing for the boob-challenged

Remember I mentioned a while back that Jeff said he was gonna try to set up something with the LARPers over in Genesee Junction? Well it looks like it'll be next month. Yay!
The basics of it are that essentially our group is arriving at the High Court of Muckey Muck (Yea I didn't pay a lot of attention to that) and that we'll need some various supplies, as well as "court acceptable" costumes! Woo, right?

Last time we had a session of larping was in an Elven court and the only courtly clothes I could find was an old prom dress from goodwill. (Jean said it was ok, but Galadriel's gown it wasn't) So this gives me a chance to put something better together. And thanks to Jeans mom, I actually have some fabric to do it with.

So I'm sketching out some ideas, the only thing is that I'm "bosomy" (errgh) and they stick out and all those nice a-line dress patterns don't look right when I try to adapt them to me. Jean has an old pattern (the ones that simplicity put out when the first LOTR movies came out) and it works great for her (cos she's small and petite and shaped right). I can't use it for me so Jean and I are working on drafting a pattern for me this week after school (and around the stupid tutoring sessions) and I want to have the mock up done asap. Thanks to Jeans mom (again!) for giving us some of the old sheets to cut up and use. I didn't want to risk the blue fabric and find out I'd screwed up, you know?

Otherwise, things have been going ok. Josie & Co have been leaving me alone (totally blanking me--which I prefer so I think I'm happy!) and Shay's still away doing her training or whatever.
I'll update with my sewing stuff asap!

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