Monday, April 22, 2013

Make sense of it, huh?

How can someone so cute be so interested in something as dull and boring as math?
I met Randi today after school in the public library.
He definitely falls into the hottie category. Very easy on the eyes.
So please, can someone tell me why he would be a total and utter math geek?
(I probably shouldn't judge since I'm an english geek, I guess)
But I'm pretty sure my eyes don't light up and get all excited looking when I talk about noun-verb sentence structure and crap.  Randi on the other hand--he starts talking about algebra (he thinks it won't be any trouble to get me up to speed) he gets all happy looking--it makes me wonder if Math is like pron to him, or what.
So our first session was 15 bucks, and I have to have two of them a week (35 bucks. See, I can so do math!) This comes out of the already small "allowance" that I get from Shay via Jean's folks. It sucks, but there it is. This means less money for Larp garb, food, treats & books.
Just for stupid math, for a GPA that I don't know if it really matters anything about in the long run.
Looking on the bright side, at least Randi is nice to look at. And he's pretty patient too.

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