Thursday, April 4, 2013

Blarg. Or when things just go terribly wrong

Jean's mom must have meant well, but she went through our room (since Jean & I share) and she found our larping stuff that we'd put to one side. She threw it in the wash and my tunic is totally wrecked. >:()

The trim came off (raveled up and frayed at the same time--I don't know how it managed that) and it shrank. A lot. So now I have to make a new outfit. I'm trying to get jean to help me guilt her mom into paying for the fabric and stuff. I mean, if she hadn't touched it, I'd still have it--and be able to wear it, right?

At least I have a few weeks to get things sorted. Jeff's not gonna run the next larp until then.
Anyway, I need to get ready for school. Yesterday I didn't see Josie around and her minions left me alone for the most part. Except for the underwear remarks. I can handle those though. Let's hope today goes ok.

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