Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Sucktakular Sisters and why I wish I were an Only Child

Update. Ye-ah. You remember those tests?
The ones that Shay "arranged" for me to take re:early graduation/early entry to Quinlan University? Yeah. Those.

Got the results back today. I'm in 4th period (study hall again) and I wish I could just skip the rest of the day. I'd like a chocolate milkshake from Denny's and a Reuben sandwich. And a side of curly fries. And a piece of apple pie. With ice cream. I wonder if I can get Jean to skip 6th period to go for that?

Ok, ok back to the morning's news: 
Mr.Andrews called me to his office during second period and told me they'd had the results and that they were very good (except my math which is only average/low). He kept smiling and being so polite and cheerful about the whole thing. You know, he really thinks I want to graduate early! How dense are guidance counselors? I mean, really!
What he told me is that with the test results in hand, my previous academic record (very good/honor student) that I won't have any problem getting it approved. So great. Just great. Can you see my joy overfloweth? (If there was anti-joy I'm probably oozing that).

I can't be happy about this, even if it does mean I wouldn't have to deal with the bullying here next year...I mean, it might be worse at the university. I heard that a lot of universities and colleges have problems with hazing. I bet if they do that at Quinlan I'll be like prime-a-number-1 target. *sigh*

The only plus is that I don't have to worry so much about next week's Final Exams. I mean, if I passed these tests so well, I probably have most of the material down, right? (aside from math. That crap just goes in one ear and out the other.)

Whatever. Jean told me to look on the bright side--that there are usually more kids into social things and I'll probably find people who want to game & play RPGs with me. I hope she's right. I really do, since I think that, and reading will be the only fun I have there. If I get in.
If. I. Get. In.

Huh. What if despite my grades and all that I don't? Wouldn't that be great? (I mean, in the sense that I could stay here and finish out school? and have a REAL senior year???) I know, the chances are slim. Shay works there, she's probably doing all she can to make it happen.
I just wish she'd stayed out of it. In another year and a half I'd be old enough to be independent and move out. Out of her control. Now...Instead of living hundreds of miles away I'll be in the same town, in the same school. In the same building?

I wish I'd been an only child!

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