Saturday, June 1, 2013

Green mist and dreams

Had the weirdest dream last night.
jhnI guess I might have been doing too much reading. I'll try to describe the dream/what was going on. It was sort of like watching a movie and seeing the actor/character but also sort of being him/her at the same time. Like stereo-existence. Not sure.

I don't know how it started, I just remember parts of it.
It was late, and it was dark and I was walking through a dark alleyway. I guess it was the city, and there was a kid of foggy mist in the air which made the few street lights have a haze around them. It felt dangerous and i was scared although I don't really have a clue why. I heard footsteps echoing on the pavement and although I looked around I couldn't see where they'd have been coming from. Something made me want to run, to flee and I started walking faster, then faster as I heard the footsteps increasing in pace.
I ran around a corner and saw this woman, she looked like maybe she was Amerasian, and she was holding this--thing--I can't really think what it was. it was sort of oblong, and it glowed green--like you'd think toxic waste should be, you know? And there was this thrumming that seemed to come out in pulsing waves from the thing. I could still hear the footsteps coming up behind me but they didn't seem as important as the glowing thing.
The more I stared at it the more important it seemed and there were these smoky, misty the fog in the air was coalescing around it and growing...they seemed to reach out and wrap around me, little points of pain where they touched. I just stood there and the woman was oblivious to me, and I was stuck. like paralyzed by the things. I couldn't hardly see through the haze and I was falling. It seemed to take an eternity but my face hit the ground and even the way the gritty asphalt felt was weird. I heard the footsteps come up beside me but I couldn't see through the mist.

I'm not sure exactly what happened then.
But I saw all sorts of runes glowing in the air brighter green against the darker foggy green of the thing.  They seemed to grow brighter turning almost white in the night and it seemed like they were eating away at the green haze. The thrumming sort of quieted and got less --urgent, I guess. I was still stuck on my side, on the ground. It was cold and I remember feeling damp and uncomfortable and I felt a hand shake my shoulder.

Then I woke up.

Weird, huh?

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