Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Dead Milkmen had it right....

Life is Shit.

Yeah, so I bet you can guess that things haven't worked out.
I'm not getting to go to the LARP session that is sooo going to rock. No, I guess I should have known it. I just should have known.  I should have realized that life couldn't possibly have been going THAT good for me.

I finished my finals this week (yesterday) and lo and behold Shay called this morning and totally and completely wrecked everything! I swear she's got some kind of mutant-super power that tells her when to do things that will screw up my life the most. Blergh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She's coming to pick me up on the 25th (Tuesday!!) and that's it.
She won't let me stay an extra weekend---the gaming weekend--even though Jean's folks offered to have her brother drive me to Quinlan and take my stuff with us. You'd think --I mean, that saves her hassle, so why not? I swear!

I have to go live with her in Quinlan, and try not to throw myself out of her apartment window. Life is so going to suck. No. Actually, suck doesn't even begin to cover it. Blergh!

I'd actually made good headway on my costume, and my props and for what?
What's the point now? I don't even think I can bring them with me since Shay will be all in my business and poking her nose in everything.

I'm going to bring my books with me, but I guess that'll probably be about it. Maybe...if things get sorted there, when I'm actually in classes--I'll make a friend and I can have Jean send the stuff to her. Meh. I mean how freakin screwed up does that sound? It's like I'm committing some kind of crime and trying to avoid getting caught. How come other kids don't have to deal with this kind of crap?

Why am I sooooo "special"? :{
At least I have a password on my laptop, you know? Or else she'd be reading all of this stuff too. Always nitpicking & finding faults.

So now, I have to start sorting through all the stuff I have here at Jeans and in her attic. I'm gonna have to decide what to take with me and what to tell her to keep or sell on ebay if she can. *sigh* Life really is shit.

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