Thursday, June 6, 2013

Blergh! Double Bergh! *where are my cookies?*

Sometimes, the only thing in life worth having is food!
See these?

Jean's mom made them for us last night.
Look good, don't they? (Double dark chocolate...Mmmm!)  She said she did it as a treat for us, what with finals and stuff.

Stuff = Shay calling and making a mess of my life.

She made a dozen brownies. Jean ate 2, and I ate the rest.
Yes, I ate TEN BROWNIES in one night! In front of people (not just in the bathroom, by myself).
I just couldn't stop. They tasted so good, and the eating made me not think so much about all the other horrible crap that's going on. And yea, I'm eating a lot. I know I've gained 8-10 pounds in the last month...I'm not that happy about it, but I guess I'm really not that bothered either, or else I wouldn't keep gorging on food, right?

Randi's noticed and commented which I don't really appreciate. I don't comment when he's got a bad spate of zits so why does he feel free to comment on my weight?

Shay's emailed me 4 times now about making plans to go to Quinlan, and telling me what books she wants me to start studying etc. She called last night and I had to talk to her for about an hour --which sucked because I really wanted to watch Game of Thrones. Totally missed it. :(
Stupid Shay. She always has to mess things up. School, tv... whatever.

Anyway the food is good, and it goes a long way towards making me feel better. I mean, I'm going to miss out on my whole senior year, and graduation. And all the fun things like Senior Skip Day, and the Class picnic at Seabreeze Amusement park. How unfair is that?

Double Blergh is the fact that Jean's been really sneaky lately. I don't know what she's hiding but she's made a few comments that make me think she's up to something. When I ask her about it she just says I'm being paranoid. (Not impossible, but still...). Whatever.

And Josie and Co have been making trouble for me.
This morning was just so totally Blergh-tastic. No brownies left, no candy in my back pack and I get to school to find....a present from Josie. I know she did it since she's been giving me saccharine smiles all morning. The wave and grin in homeroom sealed my certainty. 
I'm sorry, but I really fail to see the humor in crazy gluing a dildo to my locker. How is that funny? It's gross. It's pervy. But it's not really funny. (maybe if someone'd drawn a face on it, or dressed it in some barbie clothes it'd have been sort of funny?) The only funny part was watching Ms.Kaplan notice it and go all ballistic. Ha hah hah! At least I didn't get into trouble.
Gimme some more brownies, please?

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