Thursday, June 13, 2013

Game delay:but it's good news, really!

Next weekend we're not gaming at Jeff's.
Finals start on Monday the 13th and Jean and I need to study. I feel it's kind of pointless--I mean I know that unless things really go wrong (for Shay) I'm going to be sitting in a classroom in New Hampshire come start of the next school year. But Jean wants my help, and she's my best friend, so that's what I've got to do. 

Now the good news (dare I say great news!??) is that Jeff and Carla (from group from Genesee Junction) meshed everything out and we're gonna have a total marathon gaming session on the 28th-29th and part of the 30th!

Like with indoor & outdoor gaming, camping and stuff. That's going to be the highlight of my summer, I'm pretty sure! How awesome, right???

We all had to pop in some money towards it (I had to borrow it from Jean's folks) but I still think that is cool. I mean, wow! We're gonna be totally having fun. One their folks has a place on 10 acres--huge, right? and They let them build their own mini freakin village! How cool?? I am so --well I can't get over how cool that's gotta be. Jeff said he'd email us some pics this week if he gets the chance but he said we'd really love it. And who knows, maybe we can do it more regularly (or ok, while I'm still here anyway?)

Only problem is....I still haven't gotten my costume made for any of it. So I guess while I'm asking Jean questions and drilling her, there's no reason I can't do some sewing. Ugh. Handsewing = tech suck! Maybe I can use her sewing machine while I drill her....except I might end up sewing my fingers if I get distracted--and I'm bound to get distracted. Blergh! Well handsewing is better than not sewing at all I suppose. I don't want to be the only one who's gotta wear one of the splodgy old T-tunics from the borrow bin.

Ok I gotta get my rear in gear and face another day of high school hell. I wonder if Josie & Co. managed to find something else to glue to my locker today?

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