Sunday, March 17, 2013


What  freakin GREAT larp session we had tonight! Woooooooooo!!!!
I had a fantastic time--and I totally kicked ass!
Can't believe how late it is. Jean & I had to sneak in super-quiet.

My character, Iskara was in on all the secret deals & got to do some spying on the other camp. It was great! No, like reeeeeeeeallly great! And Kevin commented on my gown! Woo! It's nice to know he noticed (although I know he was trying to play it off as IC, I know he was really interested OOC! Hah!
(Jean agrees with me about that.) She wanted to take a bet about how long it would take before he got the guts to ask me on a date or something. Probably a looong time. I mean outside of the group-larps I'm always in jeans and t-shirts so it's not like I stand out. Next week (if I can scrape some cash together) I'm going to try to hit Goodwill and the thrift shop on Beeker Street. I'd like to make another set of garb.

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