Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Writing ideas--maybe?

I yesterday saw this cool bird on the way to school. I think it must have been a hawk or something. It looked so interesting up there in the sky. Miles (it seemed, I guess it was probably a lot less) of uninterrupted space and freedom.

I was going to work on my novella some more...but now I'm thinking maybe I should think about the characters I want to use and what kind of story I want to tell.

What I mean is: I really enjoy the fantasy stuff, and I don't know if the stuff I write will ever be "up there". But I want to try. And I need to really commit to a plot, and some characters.  Last night I went through all my notebooks (would you guess I have almost 10 of them???! TEN!) and my notes. So many ideas but I don't do much with them, and it seemed like the ones I did do something with were pretty lame. I think it's fair to say that while I like reading "quest" and heroic fantasy, I really should leave writing it (and generating ideas for it) to other people.

I think my writing needs to be more about the characters than the places they go/things they have to do. I think. I ran across a link online to some writing tips by Holly Lisle and I'm going to check them out a little later (I've got a double studyhall tomorrow since Gym's cancelled). I'll see if she has any suggestions for getting it together and trying to write (when you feel all over the place)

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