Thursday, March 21, 2013

Do I have kick me on my forehead?

If I don't, maybe I should get it tattooed there.
I really, really hate high school. And I hate all the people in it.
The adults are oblivious, and the students are just assholes.

I'm not exaggerating.
I'm not.
Today, I dunno.
I expected it to be a better day than I've been having lately. Stupid me.
I wore the t-shirt that Rob brought me back from NYC. You know, the white one with the I <3 NY on it. And a pair of jeans, and my knock off chucks. (Someday, yes, someday I will have a real pair of chucks).

So whatever, I was kind of feeling half-way decent about myself, you know?
I'd only eaten 3 snickers bars this week, and I haven't had any ice cream, and no donuts.
Good, you'd think, right?
Well you know what? Eating seems to be the only thing I'm getting much enjoyment out of.
Stupid people. Stupid me -- for thinking I could just ease-along and get through it, you know?

Back to the tattoo I should get on my forehead = Josie & her crew decided I offer endless hours of entertainment value to them. Today, during lunch she had almost the whole basketball team come over to the table where I was sitting with Shaun and Marie. They were both more interested in talking about what was on tv and who was gonna get what done. And I was really just trying to snarf down my food ASAP so I could get the hell out. I hate the cafeteria. I'd rather stand outside or walk around the parking lot (or hide in the library & read) than be there.

So Josie had them come over, one and 2 at a time and say to me : "Hey, princess, wanna play dress up with us?"

Ok, I know it doesn't sound like much, or too mean, but it really is. And Kirk Talleyrand and Matt Antherton grabbed their crotches when they did it. Ugh. Not a biggie, you say?

No, it's not I guess -- if I hadn't gotten up to leave. I figured I was done eating (I hate having people watch me when I eat, and it was like super uncomfortable to have 3 tables of kids watching every mouthful I took. And making fun of me.) So I throw my legs over the bench (Will there ever be a day when schools will let us sit at real tables instead of those fold away long bench/table combos?) and stand up, when Kirk and Matt come back over. I'm sure they're just going to come out with some more stunning repartee when kirk throws his Big Gulp on me (and can someone explain to me why the jocks of the school are allowed off campus for lunch??)
I was soaked. And then the pretended it was an accident and handed me some napkins. He was pretending to help me so that when Mr.Hallam looked it DID look like an accident.  The worst thing? He leaned in and said "Your tits look massive when they're wet. Bet you'd love it if I came on them!"
He walked away after that and I'm afraid I looked like a total dumb ass because I'm pretty sure my mouth just dropped open.

Anyway, I ran to the bathroom after that, and tried to wash the coke out of my shirt without making it wetter (as if that was possible!). I went to my gym locker (ok, I sneaked) but I forgot that I'd taken my clothes home to wash. D'oh.

So I spent the next 4 periods wearing a clingy, mostly wet shirt and getting sniggered and snickered at. Last period was horrible since Josie and her two bitch-lieutenants were in there. I could hear them laughing at me all period. On the way out she pointed at me and I heard her make a comment about my bra.

Do I really have to go to school tomorrow? I'd like to stay home sick...

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