Sunday, March 24, 2013

In Fantasy Land: I am not subjected to morons!

Last night's gaming session was good. Larry ran the adventure and He said it was a kick-over/tweak of the beginning of the Temple of Elemental Evil. That bit the adventurers always go through before they get to the "real" adventure. It was pretty good--I've looked at that module (can you call it a module when it comes like a graphic novel?) and I would've had a hard time seeing the adventure and changes that he made in it as having the same core material. I'm looking forward to seeing what else he changes and "tweaks" as we go along.

We had a new guy join our group too. His name is Trin (not sure what it is supposed to be short for. Terrence maybe?) and he seems nice enough. Short (about 5'7?) with dark hair and glasses. He's a student at the community college and is 18. He and Jean really seemed to hit it off. Hope she doesn't get all flirty with him. It's a gaming group, you know?
I know, I know. I shouldn't give her a hard time. Besides, if he's interested...well, good for them. Since the other weekend nothing at all from Kevin. He's totally back to treating me like one of the guys (Which I guess is good, though I suppose I'm disappointed he wasn't interested after all).

 Jeff mentioned tonight that we might do a joint LARP with the group in Genesee Junction. He says it'll mean we could do some big scenes, and --heh--be able to try to set up a real court scene--cos the other group has got some nice digs. I hope that works out. But of course, if it does then I'd better get on to making some kind of fancy garb for Iskara to wear, right?

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