Wednesday, January 30, 2013

February Formal...Guys. Ugh.

Right now all anyone is talking about is the February Formal. Ugh! ugh! Ugh!
Getting dressed up in expensive dresses renting limos and crap. I can't think of anyone in the school (besides me) who isn't all about who's going with who.

Even Jean is talking about if Derek is going to ask her or not. She thinks I'm just being bitchy. Whatever. I mean, I don't have a boyfriend, the guys are still being assholes--so it's not like I want one of them to ask me.

I can imagine that one:
(Bryan, Kiran and Steve would be standing there in one of their clumpy groups)
Asshole#1: Uh, Raven, you wanna go to the formal?

Me: No. Not really.

Asshole#2: Why not? You could be pretty if you got a low cut dress. You got a rack under that t-shirt.

Asshole #1: Yeah, Tony said he saw you changing in gym. He bets--

Me: Fuck off

Assholes 1+2: Yeah! When?!

*sigh* I tell you school shouldn't be like this. I don't need to deal with jerks alllllll the time. I swear that's why the library is my favorite place. I can sit in there and no one can bother me. They might sit at their tables and poke fun at me--but they have to do it quietly and I can read my books or do some writing and just pretend the assholes don't exist.

And yea, for what it's worth, if there WAS a nice guy at this school--one who didn't think I was a weirdo, or fat, or just something you try to lay, I'd go out on a date. Maybe even the dance...I mean, I've never been to one before.
But there isn't.
They're all jocks, or geeks or guys who really think that they are gods gift to women. (and they're not. Someone like Garrett Hedlund, ok, yea. Or even someone like Alex Pettyfer or Logan Allerman...but these guys? What gives them the right to think they can expect ANYTHING from me? Huh?)

So No. I don't want to go to the February Formal.
I wouldn't mind a nice dress and someone handsome & romantic to take me out to dinner in it (although what would we talk about? I'd have nothing in common with anyone).

*sigh* *sigh*
Oh, yea, I turned in the House of Mirth essay yesterday. I was like one of only 10 of us who did it. Bunch of lame asses. What's even more lame was Mr.Walker extended the deadline for the rest of them to hand it in by Thursday. Jerk. Why?

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