Monday, January 28, 2013

Why does life have to suck?

I'm serious. Why does life always have to suck so badly?

Jean says it's mostly because my sister won't leave well enough alone. And I guess she's mostly right.  IF Shay could keep out of my business everything'd be ok. I mean it's been what--almost three years now since mom & dad left me to go to Turkey--and--1 year and 8 months since they went missing. They seemed to think leaving me with Jean's family was a good enough arrangement. Why can't Shay just suck it up?

Before you think I'm just whining for no reason--you've got to realize that I'm finally finding some friends in my classes, and Jean's parents don't mind me staying with them. So everything's good. Why break what's not broken? Huh? Why?!!

Whatever. She's so stupid even if she does have a great job & a car. She called the other night and left a message on my cell phone. She wants to talk to me--which I know means that she wants something. She either wants me to do something or she's planning on doing something. I heard Jean's mom on the phone yesterday and I think she was talking about me.....So maybe it was Shay. I dunno.

Anyway I have to get to work on my English homework. 5,ooo word essay on The House of Mirth. Bleh.

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